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hi im jazmin i live in london aim 17 and ive suffered from anorexia… - ana/mia bracelet exchange [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
ana/mia bracelet exchange

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[Apr. 23rd, 2009|10:20 pm]
ana/mia bracelet exchange
hi im jazmin i live in london aim 17 and ive suffered from anorexia and bulimia for about 2 years. However, recently ive been forced to see doctors and go on  a weight gain programme but im sick of it im huge now like ACTUALLY revolting. I cant look at myself without wanting to puke. its disgusting.

and now im having problems not eating, like my body has become accustomed to getting food it wont let me not feed it. I hate myself and the fact i can control things. i want to be thin more than anything, and i could reeeaaallyy use some help :D

i would love to get the bracelets so can anyone help me find out how i can get hold of some?

any diet tipa would be good also if anyone has time.

much lovage xx

[User Picture]From: just_add_cola
2009-06-04 06:00 am (UTC)
Hey ((Jazzie))

If you're interested, I make red beaded anorexia bracelets (and I think they're quite pretty :). I'm sort-of-semi-in-recovery, too, so I don't intend the bracelets to be "pro"... but they have special meaning to me.

If you want me to send you a picture or anything, send me a message :)
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[User Picture]From: onthewindowpane
2009-12-08 08:20 am (UTC)

What are the bracelets actually for?
Like what do they do?
Also, could you send me a picture?

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